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Lawrence Family

The ancestors of my maternal grand father Edwin William Lawrence originated in Bath, Somerset. His great grand mother Harriet Hill came from Milton Clevedon, Somerset and her paternal line can be traced back through the parish registers to the 17th century. Sadly many Somerset archives, including most locally proved wills were destroyed in the second world war, which means little is known about any of them.

My maternal grand mother Mary Teresa Kearns was born in Ballyboden, near Dublin, Ireland, and until recently virtually nothing was known of her ancestry beyond the names and approximate birth details of her parents. More recent discoveries have shed a little more light on this but I would love to hear from anyone with any information about this line.

Edwin and Teresa


Edwin and Mary Ann

      Lawrence Family Tree

John Lawrence 1748 - 1817


William m Eliza

1788 - 1833 | b. 1801



William                                           Matilda                                                   Edwin m Mary Ann Porch

b. 1826                                             b. 1827                                            1833 - 1893 | 1840 - 1924



?              Edwin John         Elizabeth Matilda           Harriet Ellen               William                      Emma

                     1874 - 1965                1879 - 1937                  1879 - 1949                1881 - 1925             1884 - 1900


                     Edwin William m Mary Teresa Kearns

                    1899 - 1969 | 1899 - 1956

Laurance Corbally m Anne



Judith John m Bridget Forde


~~~~|~~~~~~~~~~~|~~~~~~~~~~|~~~~~~~~|~~~~~~~~~|~~ William Kearns m Eliza

Mary Patrick Thomas Michael | _________|

| |

Margaret m James Kearns