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    Last Will and Testament of Edward Willett

In the name of god, amen, the xxvj day of October in the yere of our lorde god, a thowsand five hundred fyftye and eight, I Edward Willett of Shere in the county of Surrey, yoman, sycke in body nevertheless in perfytt memory thanks be geven to god, do ordain and make this my true and ___ last wyll and testament in manner and forme following and first I bequeath my sole to almyghty god my maker and creator throwe the death, merits and passion of my only and sole redeemer Jesus Christ and to all the holy company of heaven and my bodye to be buryed in the church or churchyard of Shere aforesaid by the discrecion of myne executor and overseers. Item I bequeath to every of my godchildren demanding the same within one yere next after my decease iiij d. Item I bequeath towards the reparacions of the bell of Shere aforesaid X s. Item I bequeath to the mother church of Wynchester iiij d Item I bequeath towards the reparaions of the church of Abynger ii s. Item I bequeath towards the reparacions of the church of Cappell ii s. Item Ibequeth to every of my three daughters, namely, Agnes, Katherine and Maragaret, ten pounds of lawful money of Englond to be paid to them or to the survyvers or survyver of them as they shall come to their severall ages of xxj yeres or in the dayes of their severall maryages yf thet marry before that age and yf yt shall happen any of my said daughters to dye before the age aforesaid and not maryed then I will that the part and portion of her or them so dying shall remayne unto her or them of my said iij daughters that shall lyve to accomplyshe the same age or to be maryed by equall portions. Item I gyve and bequeath unto Agnes my wyfe fourty shepe by equall draught. Item I geve, wyll and bequeath to Henry Willett my son iiij oxen, two horsebestes, two steres of xij months of age lxxx shepe by equal draught, one wene furnyshedd with baze, wheles, ___ and all things to a wene belonging except yokes and cheynes, one plowe furnyshedd with iii yokes, iii chaynes and strapps for the horse, ii flock beds furnyshedd with blanketts, bolsters and coverlets, I brasse pott, I pann, half a dozen of pewter vessels, one cowe, i acre of whete, i acre of barley, I acre of rye, and one acre of otes to be taken indifferently of that season when the same shallbe delivered, all of which legaces above geven to the said Henry I will to be well and truly delivered unto him when he shall accomplysshe his full age of xxi yeres. Item I geve, will and bequeath unto Edward Willett my sonne all such implements, household stuff and utencells as I have at Bare in Capell, and xx shepe by indifferent draught, two steres of two yeres of age, one cowe, ii pewter platters, ii pewter dyshes and one brasse pott or ketell and all baldyng plowes, chaynes and other things being moveable and nowe being at Bare aforesaid, all which legaces above geven to the said Edward I will to be well and truly delivered unto him when he shall accomplyshe his full age of xxi yeres and I will that if it shall happen the said Henry and Edward my sonnes or any of themto dye before they shall come to ther several ages of xxi yeres then I will that the hole part and portion of any of them so dying shall remayne by equal portions unto my sonnes and daughters then lyvinge to be delivered unto them at ther several ages aforesaid or to my daughters in the days of ther several marriages if they marry before that age. All the resydewe of my corne, cattell, household stuff, swine, implements of household and of husbandry not before geven, I geve, will and bequeath unto the said Agnes my wife and to John Wyllett my sonne equally to be devyded between them and I ordain, constitute and make the same John my sonne to be my sole and only executor of this my last will and testament and I ordain, constitute and make John Willett of Drungewick and John Willett of Capell to be overseers of this my last will and testament to see the same truly executed and performed according to the true meaning hereof and according to the trust and confidence which I do put in them and I geve, will and bequeath unto any of them for the labor and paynes therein to be taken v s clerely over and above these and any of ther reasonable costs and expences therein to be susteyned. Item I will to be geven and distributed at my burryall amongst poor people assembled there in prayer x s Provided always and I will anything above wryten not withstanding that my said wife shall have the custody, use and governance of Edwards stock at Bare during her wydohood until the same Edward shall accomplyshe his full age of xxi yeres and if he dye then until he should have been xxi yeres if he had lyved and no longer and thus the Lord have mercy upon me. There being witness John Parkhurst, Thomas Symonds and me John Austen the wryter.